6 ‘bargaining chips’ you should use in job offer negotiations

When it comes to job-offer negotiations, it’s important realise what a position of power you’re in. It would be inconvenient and illogical for the employer to find someone else to replace you this far down the hiring line – you can use this to your advantage.

If the offer is fair, then take it. Don’t start negotiations for the sake of it because it reflects poorly on you. However, if the salary is too low then by all means try and rinse your employer for all the perks you can get with these bargaining chips as advised by Forbes.

1. Extra holiday

If the pay is too low, take what you think you’re owed in extra holiday time. It doesn’t cost the employer anything more than what they’re already offering. Hello Sangria.

2. Flexible hours

Flexible working is becoming all-the-rage among modern workers. Life is constantly getting in the way of work, so why not meld the two occasionally by working at home? Studies have shown that women prefer this style of working to men,

3. Further education

Negotiations shouldn’t be about you wanting more from your employer, it should be about getting a fair deal and the promise of enriching employment. If they can’t compensate you financially, ask if they can contribute to your personal and professional development with conferences and courses to enhance you as a worker.

4. Travel perks

If your job requires national or international travel, negotiate a deal where you are compensated in comfort. Whether it’s Business Class flights or First Class trains, the feeling of security will help you feel like your company genuinely cares about you.

5. Guaranteed salary increase

Your employer can’t pay out of the nose from the initial hiring because they don’t know the extent of your abilities. If they won’t match your base salary requirements, they can at least guarantee a pay-rise if you turn out to be the employee you know you can be and they think you are.

6. Push for a company car

This one is bold but could work if you’re not living in the heart of the city. Don’t be disappointed if it turns out to be Nissan Micra, it’s marginally better than nothing.

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