6 apps that will totally organise your life

With everything going on in our busy lives, it’s almost too easy to forget things or lose focus completely. But don’t worry – if you’re not naturally hyper-organised and on top of everything, technology has your back.

Whether you’re overwhelmed with work, stuck in a pattern of procrastination, or just suffering from a bit of mid-week malaise, these apps will help you get back on track.

1. Trello

This digital moodboard will help you organise tasks, files, pictures and ideas. Just outline a goal on virtual notecards, click on a card and it takes you to an interface that itemises the individual tasks that need to be finished.

Free, iOS and Android

2. Evernote

This essential cross-platform app offers different types of notes from text to to-do to audio and video. Similar to Dropbox, Evernote lets you write and access your notes from anywhere the app is installed.

Free, iOS and Android

3. Todoist

Claiming to be the world’s most powerful to-do list, Todoist is an interactive diary and personal organiser that enables you to manage your daily tasks from anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Free, iOS and Android

4. Mindly

Ever have a great idea, but forget to write it down only to completely lose your train of thought? Then you need this sleek mind mapping tool to keep track of and connect your moments of genius.

Free, iOS and Android

5. 30/30

If you’re the kind of person who thrives under pressure, try 30/30, a to-do list with a timer. Make your list and estimate the time it will take to complete each task, then set the total time it will take you to finish all tasks. Tackle your list in a race against time.

Free, iOS and Android

6. Workflow

This super useful app helps you connect your other apps by creating your own new apps and actions, streamlining any tasks you need to get done. You build a “workflow” by dragging and dropping a series of actions. For example, you could create a workflow that tells your device to take a picture using your camera, make a GIF from the picture using an app, view the GIF to check it looks good, and then share it on Facebook.

£1.99, iOS

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