50 annoying work phrases we should all stop using

Annoying work phrases are nobody’s fault, really. They’re just part of the office culture. The workplace has become a microcosm of a small society with it’s own rules, laws, species (moulds) and language. The way we speak to each other in the office and the phrases we use are specific to work, meaning, you probably wouldn’t use these phrases anywhere else.

Things like “synergy” and “run the numbers” are thrown around willy-nilly in the work place like verbal grenades. But here’s the catch, they literally can’t be helped. Annoying office phrases are what come with working in an office.

Granted, there are co-workers who you can convince yourself are trying to drive you up the wall with their insistence to ‘ping’ everything your way.

You know what, Jonathan? Don’t ‘ping’ us anything ever again. We’re sick of you and your incessant ‘pinging’. How about just saying ‘send’ like a normal person? What’s so hard about that? Honestly.

And if you’re struggling to relate, check out this dense infographic from the good people at GoToMeeting that runs through the fifty most annoying and most popular work place phrases that have echoed around the corridors of offices for generations now.

The infographic open by saying that the majority of these phrases are used in 64% of offices. The 36% deficit might be down to those increasingly popular ‘silent offices’ you hear about these days. Well, not literally hear. They’re silent.

A lot of these phrases are dropped out of habit or sometimes to cover up a stark lack of knowledge but more commonly they’re utilised to sound impressive. ‘Elephant In The Room’ is a concise phrase that, if used sporadically, could be a great way of addressing a popular issue. Nowadays it’s an annoying and overused aphorism that we could frankly do without.

Here are 49 more annoying phrases you’re sick of hearing at work.


Image credit: GoToMeeting