5 ways you’re probably using email wrongly

A huge chunk of our work lives is taken up by email. It’s always there and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape the lure of the inbox. New message? Yes please!

But what you probably didn’t know is that you’re actually probably doing it wrong. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Don’t worry though, we’ve rounded up the biggest inbox errors into a handy list so you can rectify your mistakes. Enjoy.

1. Junk mail apocalypto

If you’re one of those people that has thousands of unread messages clogging up your feed, then this tip is for you.

You might check and read the messages constantly but then you don’t do anything with them! It’s like opening all the letters straight off your door mat, and then leaving them back on the floor! It doesn’t make sense.

Google’s Inbox app has a great functionality enabling users to sort each type of email as they read them. Check it out and instantly clean up your email act.

2. New and old together

Notice how you miss important emails just because they’re buried in old threads that have gone on for months? Yeah, that’s not the way to go.

It’s probably because you keep hijacking old threads to start new conversation, probably because you can’t be bothered to write a new subject line. It’s the perfect technique for confusing yourself silly. Don’t do it. End of.

3. Essential security

Not backing up your ultra important messages is another pet peeve of most providers. What happens if the client goes down in the middle of an important pitch? Or you accidentally delete the wrong file with a dodgy click?

Most email accounts like Gmail or Outlook allow you to archive and save emails to your hard drive. You wouldn’t not back up your word files onto a usb would you?

4. Wire transfer trouble

Whatever you do, do not ever send personal or sensitive information via email, this includes bank account details, even if your employer asks you to!

Instead, keep it all in the real world. Remember, whatever you can see to send, someone else can see somewhere else, and they might not be the intended recipient…

5. Subject? What subject?

We’re all guilty of this lazy habit – writing a poorly worded, vague subject line. It helps nobody, and often takes more time to do than just typing out a short, specific tagline.

Casual greetings, ‘hello’ and ‘read now’ are not suitable subject lines, and woe betide you if you leave it blank. If you want your messages to be read, then put the effort in guys.

Now what?