5 ways your boss is testing you without you knowing

Essays, exams, tests, papers, exercises. Our performances have been assessed our entire lives, from pre-school all the way through to annual reviews at work. It never ends.

The only saving grace is that we normally know when we’re being examined, and can mostly prepare. According to Boston Varsity Hockey Coach Peter Russo though, this isn’t strictly true.

He’s spilt the beans on the ways he tests the character of his players without them even knowing. Take a look yourself and apply the news to your own office situation. You never know, your boss might be employing one of these sneaky techniques right now…

1. All-round nice guy

Anyone can be nice to their superiors according to Russo, but what he often looks for in a player is how they treat those they consider below their station.

He says, “Nothing is more impressive” than someone “who can make those around them comfortable and feel accepted regardless of their ‘social status.'”

2. Hold the damn door

Russo’s number one instant character test is whether you hold doors for your friends, and we’re inclined to agree.

Simple common courtesies are the easiest and best way to show everyone what a damn fine person you are. So don’t hesitate…

3. When the going gets tough

“It is easy to be a team player when everything is going right for you individually,” says Russo. And he’s not wrong!

Stress and anxiety make even the most zen of us flip out, but it’s a good test of someone’s true character if they suddenly become a fire-breathing dragon at the flip of a switch.

4. Slap a smile on your face

Probably the most obvious test on this list, but it’s really true!

“Thinking about all the players I’ve worked with or played with who I would consider low character, I have never seen any of them genuinely smile.”

So split your cheeks people! Even if you’re feeling like you’re on the edge of a precipice dangling over a volcano of misery. We’re serious.

5. No limit to your loyalty

Sticking up for your friends and colleagues when a boss or co-worker is being unfair can really make you stand out as a leader in the office.

This doesn’t necessarily mean getting yourself fired, but offering support or advice is a must for those of good character. 

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