5 ways you can use yoga to make job-hunting easier

If you’re going through a stint of unemployment or job hunting at the moment then you should be more than aware of how tough it can be. But don’t throw in the towel just yet, we’re here to tell you how to can use the power of yoga stretches to give you the right peace of mind and keep you on the right track toward flourishing employment.

If you think yoga is just for improving your flexibility though – think again. Here are a number of reasons why yoga could be best accompaniment to your job hunting.

1. Staying focused

Everything from improving concentration, controlling your breathing and checking that your stance is right in yoga takes a great of deal of concentration. And when looking for a job, the same level of concentration is needed to keep distractions at bay and keep your specific goals in mind.

2. Keeping energy levels up

Legally Blonde taught us all that a heavy workout and building up a sweat releases those friendly endorphins which give your whole body a much-deserved feel-good feeling. They boost your mood and encourage relaxation, which is exactly what you need during the sometimes arduous process of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews. 

3. Creating structure

It’s easy to let your standards of structure slide when you’re left to your own devices during periods of job-hunting. But a lack of day-to-day structure can often cause stress and a loss of direction. Waking up without goals or plans for the day can result in low productivity. So by beginning each day or having a set slot dedicated to doing some yoga, it can help towards creating a structure for a productive and happy day.

4. Connecting with others

It can be easy to become isolated when you’re focussed on getting a new job. But socials skills are important in the workplace and going to a yoga class and meeting new people can help that. Not only will you socialise with others over a common interest, but it’ll also get you out of the house and keep you motivated.

5. Building commitment

Keeping up with a sport or exercise regime require consistent commitment and discipline. Sticking with yoga for a long period of time will make you feel like you’ve hit a goal and it’s an achievement, and this loyalty will prove itself as a valuable skill to potential employers.

Now what?