5 ways to work smarter NOT longer

Just work harder. That’s the normal response to ‘I’m not getting my work done, what should I do?’ But it’s often not the smartest course of action.

You already work every hour of the blinkin’ day anyway, so pushing yourself even further is not the answer. Instead, why not try out some of these handy ways to work smarter, but definitely not longer.

We’ve rounded them up from the furthest corners of the internet into one useful list. So that’s one thing you won’t have to do yourself right?

1. It’s time… to end it with Internet

It’s been a long relationship, tough at times, great at others, but you’re just not compatible anymore, you have to get out there and do other things, see other people. Face it, you and the Internet are over.

We’re serious, maybe in a less dramatic way, but we really are. Increasing your productivity by cutting out procrastination on the web (everyone’s favourite pastime) is immediately going to help you work smarter without staying later. You know it makes sense.

2. It’s closer than you think

Making your deadlines even slightly shorter than you’d usually set them will improve your situation.

You’ll feel a little bit more pressure, it’s true, but learning to thrive in that situation is likely to improve your productivity enough to get stuff done that little bit faster.

3. Handle it virtually

It might seem a bit drastic, but if you’re really up against it and your daily tasks are crucial to the running of the business, then why not ask for help from a reliable source?

Ask Sunday are one of many small businesses that offer virtual aides out to busy clients for short term periods (we’re talking hours here) and for only a small fee. What’s not to like?

4. Ditch the phone

Checking your email on your mobile isn’t just frustrating, but it’s also mostly pointless.

You are very unlikely to get an email away from your desk that you need to reply to then and there; and if it’s the weekend, who’s going to want a reply anyway?

So save your work intensity for the office, when this stuff really matters. The rest you get from ignoring all work-related issues will count for a lot during business hours.

5. Dedicate to-do time

Setting aside a couple of hours each week to sort through your outstanding tasks and diary will save you a ton of time over the course of a five day week.

The ability to visualise what needs to get done through Monday to Friday is the kind of focused attitude that makes successful people the productive workers they are. You’re one of them, aren’t you?

Now what?