5 ways to work productively when you have multiple workspaces

If you’re just starting out in your chosen industry or freelance for a living, then you might be flitting to and from multiple offices without much stability, which really can suck.

How do you develop a working routine with any sense of continuity when you don’t have a central office hub?

Most of us work best when we can compartmentalise work and life in separate places. Here are five ways to work productively even when you have multiple workspaces.

1. Dress for success

If you can’t control where you work, at least you can decide how you work. So make sure you dress to impress, and wear the same clothes you would wherever you get you career on.

Obviously we don’t mean the exact same clothes, you can wash them. Please do.

2. Working nine to five

Another office parameter at your disposal is the ability to control when you work. That means the same hours everywhere.

Start as early and finish as late as you would normally and you’ll start to notice less where you work, we promise. Of course if you are told to come in at different times in different places, maybe don’t just ignore your boss. That never ends well…

3. Music marathon

If you’re in need of a bit of work motivation then stick on a few tunes to retreat into your productivity bubble. If it’s Taylor Swift or maybe a bit of Dolly Parton that gets you working at 110 per cent then pull up YouTube an away you go.

4. Enter the email

Use a central inbox for all your message needs and avoid out of office confusion.

‘But that’ll be even more difficult to organise?!’ I hear you cry. Not so. Instead of separate email accounts that Gmail doesn’t even let you have open at the same time, use dividers instead. You can even set up criteria and contacts lists that will separate them automatically.

5. Lunch is lunch

Putting an equal amount of effort (whether you’re in the office or not) into your midday meal is vital to keeping the creative juices flowing throughout the day.

Don’t slack off lunchtime at work because you’re too busy to remember. Get out of the office for at least an hour to relax and avoid work burnout. We mean it.

Now what?