5 ways to win at working from home

You may think working from home is an absolute dream – there’s no commute and you can essentially roll out of bed into your office.

But having your home as your workplace can come with it’s difficulties and struggles. Being out of an office environment can mean you can lose motivation and miss out on sparks of ideas from brainstorming.

When done right though, it could be the perfect situation for many, and this is how you do working from home the right way.

1. Have a specific work environment

Set aside an area where you exclusively do your work. Working in bed might sound like a good idea but psychologically, it’ll be associated with down-time and you won’t be in the right mindset to start work for the day. Whether it be a whole room or just a desk, dedicate the area to the place you head to work everyday.

2. Set yourself a schedule

Working away from the office often means you’re in charge of your own timetable, so it’s important that you manage your time wisely and don’t get distracted by other tasks around your home. Although it’s important to set yourself deadlines throughout the day, make sure you also set aside slots to take a break as well.

3. Make social plans

It’s easy to become a bit of a recluse when working from home, so make the effort to go to work events when invited, and touch base with the rest of your team throughout the day. Not only will this make you feel part of the workforce, but is also a good way to network in your company. Slack is a great tool for helping you stay in the loop.

4. Teach yourself tech skills

Unlike in an office where there’s a tech team on hand to help you whenever your computer misbehaves or the printer is playing up, at home, you need to be able to handle those situations on your own. So it’s worth brushing up on some basics from YouTube tutorials or at least have a number you can turn to and call when turning things off and on again doesn’t quite do the trick.

5. Dress for success

Although you might want to just stay in your pyjamas, it’s important to feel you’re in the mindset for work. Just like setting yourself a dedicated place to sit down and work, by getting changed into something you would wear into the office, even though you’re at home, will make you feel ready to take on the day of work ahead of you.

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