5 ways to spruce up your home if you’re renting (aren’t we all!)

Unless you’re lucky enough to have the financial support or were savvy enough to have some savings stashed away, it’s likely that you’ll be living in somewhere you’re renting.

In which case, it’s probably pretty bare and you can’t make too many permanent changes.

But never fear! There are a number of changes you can make and touches you can add to your place that can make it feel like home, without you getting in trouble with your landlord.

1. Flawed floors

Even if you’re blessed enough to have carpet floors, they’re most likely not going to be your cup of tea. So the solution? A big rug to hide all your flooring woes. Whether you want it to be plain and cozy, or patterned and bold, a rug will cover a multitude of sins and make you feel right at home.

2. Posters and postcards

Bare walls can be quite a sad sight for sore eyes, so brighten them up and inject some personality into them with some big posters. Whether that be a cult film or your favourite band or a vintage print. If you want more variety, hanging up a selection of different postcards will do the trick.

3. Tape it up

If you think hammering a nail into your wall, or inevitably ruining the paint on them with blu-tack are your only options when putting up your masterpieces, then let us introduce you to Washi Tape. It’s patterned tape that is a go-to when it comes to DIY and crafting. Not only is it useful and won’t damage your walls, but it’s pretty easy on the eyes too.

4. Plenty of plants

Some additional greenery can make or break your humble abode. Some simple plants can transport you to a tranquil paradise – and the best part is you don’t even have to be green fingered to be able to take care of them! Plants such as a cactus are low-maintenance and are perfect for covering up that coffee stain on your bedside table.

5. Mirror mirror on the wall

Not just for checking that your hair is all in place and you don’t have spinach stuck in your teeth, but having a big mirror placed in your room can open it up and give the illusion that it’s a lot bigger.

Now what?