5 ways to overcome office embarrassment

The CEO of Tinder has been left a little red-faced after a serious mix-up during an interview, in which he got his words a little muddled and inadvertently revealed some, er, intimate details.

We feel for the guy, we’ve all been there and got a little red-faced after a work-related mess up. It’s Monday morning, the moment you’ve been dreading has finally arrived. On Friday night you got spectacularly drunk in front of ALL of your colleagues, and now you have to face them.

The embarrassment is excruciating. How will you possibly cope? Never fear, List for Life has you covered. Here are five great tips to help you overcome embarrassment.

1. It’s in the past

The best way to forget about that awkward thing you did that everyone knows about is to try and keep in the right tense. The past. The embarrassing moment has been and gone. Keep thinking that and theoretically you won’t feel an ounce of shame. Also people are far too busy to be remembering every little thing you did anyway.

2. Stop saying sorry

If you keep reminding everyone about what you did by apologising, how are they supposed to forget the event? More importantly, how are you? Better to excuse yourself once (if you really have to) and get on with your life. Everyone knows you’re not the real office clown anyway. That’s Sarah in HR. Right?

3. Laugh about it

If you can chortle your socks off about the time you dropped your bacon sarnie down your boss’s new suit, then so will everyone else. Except for her, probably best to keep the giggles to a minimum then…

4. Reflect

Writing out a list of all the crazy things you’ve done over the years will not only give you a good laugh, but it’ll also put your embarrassment into perspective. Losing the neighbour’s cat is hardly as bad as that time you accidentally set light to your best friend’s wedding dress now is it?

5. Talk it out

If you really can’t get over your insecurities, then a good chat with a friend over coffee will do you a world of good. After all, it’s very unlikely an old friend is going to drop you after one silly thing you did or said. And if they do, well, they’re not worth it are they?

6. See a therapist

This is a real last resort, but for serious mental health problems that come about from embarrassment you could see a doctor. A qualified medical professional will never judge you, regardless of what happened, and maybe that’s just what you need.

Still don’t believe us? Check out this hilarious explanation of embarrassment and how to tackle it from the team over at Watch Well Cast below:
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