5 ways to notice stress less when you’re overwhelmed in the office

Ever noticed how you only really feel how stressed you are when you stop to think about it? Before that horrible moment of realisation you’re normally too busy zipping along through your daily tasks to tell if you’re on office overload.

Well, lucky for you, we’ve compiled an indispensable list of the top ways you can stay in the zone and avoid getting overwhelmed by it all.

Check it out and start feeling less stressed all the time.

1. Time is money

Time management is key to kicking the stress habit to the kerb. You have to have your lunch hour where your time is your own to do with what you will. But for the hours before and after, make sure you have a strict list of tasks to get through and that you try not to deviate too much.

It’s also important to start and end the day at the same time too. Knowing what needs doing and when it has to be done is key to retaining that feeling that you’re on top of your work.

2. Hydration station

Headaches, dizziness and stress all have roots in one thing, a lack of hydration in the body! So throughout the whole day make sure you are sipping on a water bottle.

It’s a simple solution to a big problem but it’ll make a world of difference, trust us.

3. R&R

It’s ultra important to make time each day for a bit of rest and relaxation. This can be a morning run before the commute or a couple of hours sat in front of the TV each evening. But whatever you decide, make sure you stick to it. Everyone needs time to halt from the day’s stresses or they become overwhelming.

4. Inspire yourself

It’s easy to trundle along through the office wilderness, slapping away challenge after challenge, as long as you love what you’re doing.

So if you hate your job, quit it. If you can’t, find another way to inspire yourself, maybe compartmentalise the work as a stepping stone to something more suited to you, maybe create a playlist of your most treasured music that never fails to get your brain going.

Whatever it is, make sure you’re inspired from the time you get in to the time you punch that clock on the way out.

5. Have-a-laugh

Know the key to being in a good mood all day despite the tidal wave of work washing over your desk? Laughter, that’s what.

So start cracking the jokes and see the funny side of your time-pressured job. You’ll soon be so relaxed (despite your workload) you won’t even notice everyone else around you collapsing under the weight of it all. Fun times ahead!

Now what?