5 ways to negotiate your time off over Boxing Day and New Year’s

With Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve looming, it may seem impossible to get the time off you need. After all, how can you justify why you deserve Boxing Day and New Year’s off more than the office manager with four kids, two dogs and a grumpy partner?

Well, there are actually several key tips to expertly navigating the situation and securing the time off you actually want at the end of the year.

We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch and presented them in a handy go-to list of five ways to negotiate your time off. Check it out.

1. The early bird catches the worm

The earlier you catch up with the boss, the better your chances of grabbing that all important time off.

So don’t push it to the back of your mind saying you’ll sort it later, because that’s a one way ticket to slogging your guts out in the office on Boxing Day. Get a move on slow coach.

2. Work remotely

If you’re an office worker, be open to putting in a few hours on days you’d rather not via remote access. If you’re willing to do this, you;re more likely to get longer periods away from the office, meaning you can be at home for a larger proportion of the holiday season. You know it makes sense.

3. Amp it up

You might have been coasting the first half of the year, resting on your laurels a tad; but now is the time to really up the ante work-wise.

So ratchet up the effort levels to 120 per cent, not just in the run up to Christmas, but in the run-up to negotiating time off at Christmas. That’ll really give you the head start on getting in the boss’s good books come Yuletide.

4. Every little helps

Want a real leg-up on the competition? Then hold off on taking huge amounts of time off over the year and save up your holiday until the latter months of the year.

Every employer is legally obliged to give their worker a minimum amount of holiday each year. So if you can manage to get as close to Christmas as possible before they cotton on to the fact you have required time off left, you might get a lot of it at the winter break!

5. Realise what’s negotiable

Something lots of you don’t realise when negotiating your holiday, is just how much is actually negotiable.

For the most part, your bosses aren’t horrible, conniving tyrants hell bent on having you chained to the desk as much as possible. They realise that everybody needs a break, and they want a happy work force.

If you explain how much you need a break this year, then they’ll probably be more than willing to discuss giving it to you. So don’t be afraid you’ll get fired for asking for time off.

This can only apply to good workers however. If you’re a lazy son of a gun then don’t expect to be treated too fairly in return…

Now what?