More people are starting businesses than ever! Here are 3 ways to market your start-up

News is in – it’s now an amazing time to start your own business. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that 89,000 new businesses were created this year in the UK. That’s a 3.8% increase since last year! These new businesses aren’t all in London either, only 18.2% of new companies and start-ups were founded this year in the capital. 

So what does this mean for you? Now is the time you make your start-up a reality. You’ve got your idea, the financial backing and are ready to start making money. Now, how do you market your great idea to the world?

Promoting your start-up is absolutely vital if you want to get it out there. Here are three highly efficient ways to go about it.

1. Media exposure

Capturing the media’s attention isn’t always straight-forward, but a strong story for your company will help. Tell people who you are and what your start-up is all about. Think about where you want this press distributed and who your customer base is. Get a sharp angle, as the internet is full of a lot of white noise, and you need to stand above it. Approach blogs and smaller publications first, and then gradually a fan base will follow.

2. Customer experience

Learn about your target audience and think about what they want and need. Give them the best customer experience service and they will want to come back. People will refer their friends and family, and gradually your efforts will pay off as your customer base grows.

3. Think through your exposure

Separate out your target customer base and think about what they are looking at, on and offline. Brainstorm where the best places are to introduce your company to them. If you are targeting teenagers then think about local hangouts young people go to, or sites they visit. Perhaps you could start a free social media campaign? Get inside the heads of your audience.

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