5 ways to make your job search WAY easier (yep, seriously!)

You want to get hired, but how do you begin going about the arduous job search? Writing a CV, crafting a covering letter, actually finding roles to apply for – sometimes searching alone can be a full-time job in itself!

Here are five things you can do to speed up the process.

1. Don’t use the same CV and covering letter in every application

As wonderful as your CV is, and as polished as your covering letter looks, don’t send the same ones in for every job you apply for. They aren’t stuck to you permanently like tattoos. Add some different bullet points, change the wording and make tweaks to ensure that they are both tailored to whichever role you are applying for.

Elizabeth Bacchus, founder of The Successful CV Company told the Guardian that the three worst things a CV can have are: “Presentation: a poorly laid out CV with inconsistent formatting and multiple fonts will stand out for the reader for the wrong reasons. Poor grammar and punctuation is a close second” and the third is “an obviously generic CV that hasn’t been written with the job you are applying for in mind is hugely irritating to recruiters and prospective employers.”

2. Polished doesn’t have to mean boring

Of course your application has to sound professional and be free of spelling and grammatical errors BUT this doesn’t mean that you have to sound boring. Get your personality and your passion across. Mildred Talabi, founder of CVMakeoverExpert.com says: highlight the skills you gained from various areas of your life – whether that’s education, voluntary work, or your extracurricular interests and activities.” That way you stand a better chance of bagging yourself the job. Generic CVs and covering letters will bore the reader to death, make yours a little more engaging.

3. Make yourself a super obvious fit

When you apply for a job online it is likely that your application will be screened by computer software before it is seen by a real human. This makes the hiring process quicker for the employer but it also means that you need to fit their criteria, otherwise the computer system will filter your application out. A good tip for doing this is using keywords. Make yourself an obvious fit and show that you have the skills the employer is looking for.

4. Join LinkedIn

If you aren’t on it already, join LinkedIn. It’s a great platform for getting your name, face and CV out there. This is kind of an obvious one but still, thought we’d mention it!

5. Don’t just go on one job site

Increase your job search success rate by checking out loads of different job websites. Don’t just use one site, take a look at our guide to the ten best here.