How to ALWAYS make your emails sound super professional

Sitting, staring at the computer deciding what to write in an email is something we all do. We want to sound professional, but also like a normal human being. How can we get it right?

Here are five email etiquette hacks you need to know about.

1. Think about what is needed

Plan what you want to say before you send emails. This will make you write in a clearer and more direct way. You also won’t suddenly remember something and have to send another hurried email follow-up.

2. Try and keep it short

Do you really need to go into great detail and a waffling explanation? No you don’t. Try and keep things brief. If you do really need to get a lot of information across, maybe an email is not the best way of communicating. Pick up the phone instead.

3. If in doubt, go formal

For a first email to someone, sound professional by erring on the formal side. Use ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ and sign off with ‘best wishes’ or ‘yours sincerely’. As communication continues these formalities can trail off but initially keep things formal to show that you are serious, particularly if you are applying for a job in the email.

4. Never use text language

Just because you are writing an email on your smartphone, it doesn’t mean that text language or casual speak is acceptable. Don’t let predictive texting take over. Always¬†give your email a once-over before clicking send.

5. Keep a simple font

You may think that a wacky font and putting titles in different colours will make your email stand out, but it will just give the reader a tougher time. Keep your font classic and the colour black.