5 ways to make the most of your lunch break if you’ll be on your own

Schedules are fickle things, especially when it comes to lunch plans. You’ll often find that when your hour break comes around, your co-workers and friends may be pinned down by burgeoning responsibilities and going alone is your only option.

But fret not, flying solo can have it’s advantages. Here are six ways to make the most of your work lunchtimes on your own.

1. Head to the gym

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a whole hour to work through your sandwiches, salads and crisps – especially if you’ve been had a hectic morning. Why not use that gym membership you bought impulsively and follow through with your new year’s resolutions? 30 minutes on the treadmill can really loosen you up for the rest of the afternoon.

2. Explore your surroundings

Some people will work in the same building for years and never even get acquainted with the amazing atmospheres plonked right on their doorstep. Take half of your break a day to check what restaurants, bars and exhibitions you could be missing out on by staying in during lunchtime.

3. Read while you eat

The hardest thing about reading is finding the time, everybody knows that. But, as long as you have some proficiency in multitasking, you can easily find a quiet space to eat and work on all those books you’ve started over the years but never finished.

4. Check out an exhibition

If your office is based in a major city with reliable transport links, there’s no reason at all you can’t hop on a bus or an underground carriage and visit one of many amazing and free installations or exhibitions your city has to offer. Mix your work life with a pinch of culture and reap the rewards of a balanced lifestyle.

5. Take advantage of food markets

While we have no doubt that your homemade sandwiches are pieces of art, why not try something new? We have entered the era of the foodie and with that comes an array of markets dotted anywhere and everywhere. Get some new flavours on your palate until you’re a master tastemaker.

Words: Will Butler

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