5 ways to learn to love your co-workers

They’re the people you’ll most likely spend the majority of your young adult life with and you didn’t even get choose them, your co-workers. Friend or foe, for the sake of your job and sanity, you’ll need to learn to get along with them.

Your co-workers are from a different background from you and will most likely have different ways of approaching situations and tasks. Using these five tips you can shake off all your judgements and love your co-workers for who they really are.

1. Always see them as human, even when they make mistakes

When all is said and done, your co-workers are just other humans. You might not know anything about them apart from where their desk is and their job title, but they’re cut from the same cloth as you. The sooner you realise they have feelings and feel guilty for mistakes, the easier it is to forgive them for their faults and learn to appreciate their personalities.

2. Believe in the healing powers of conflict

It’s a given that you will argue and bicker with the people around you and that’s absolutely fine, as long as it doesn’t get personal. Rather than squashing the conflict with passive-aggressive retorts, try and learn something from another perspective. You might even find out you were wrong the whole time.

3. Accept change

If you are lucky enough to have a great group of co-workers and, dare we say it, work friends, you’ll have to prepared that it won’t always be that way. People will come and go as often as the seasons. Try your best to be welcoming to all new recruits, even if they replaced one of your closest work mates – it will pay off in the long run.

4. Take turns in leading the charge

The leading cause of kitchen gossiping and office conflict is poor project management, specifically in the leadership department. If you’re always the one to take the reins on a team project, be aware that you’re being shredded with scrutiny when you’re not listening. Take a backseat every now and then to keep the playing field balanced and fair.

5. Embrace absence

Seeing the same people day-in, day-out can test your patience. Learn to appreciate the absence when your co-workers are out of the office. After a while, you might even feel happy to see them when they return.

What now?