5 ways to keep motivated during your job hunt

Job hunting is not the most glamorous of tasks, we all know that. And it certainly isn’t the most riveting, especially if you’ve been at it for a while. It’s difficult to stay motivated and to actually remember what you’re looking for and why you want to do it. 

In a recent interview with StylistAimee Bateman of Career Cake had some excellent tips for staying motivated during this period of funemployment, and we’re taking a look at our favourite advice that she had to offer.

1. Hot List

Aimee advises making a list of the 25-50 companies you would most like to work for. This will keep you focused and remind you of where you want to be. No matter if they seem out of your league, it’s a great start to get inspiration for your search. As she says, “this will get your creative juices flowing and can be a fun, motivating exercise.”

2. Targets

Daily and weekly targets are a must. If you’re doing some freelance work, be sure to set yourself pitch targets each day. If you’re still searching for that job, then set yourself goals not just for the number of applications you will complete, but also in the way you will contact influencers. Setting goals will make it all seem much more manageable.

3. Follow the right people

Social media is your friend. Take to LinkedIn and make connections with the right companies and influencers. As Aimee says, “the only way to be better is to surround yourself with people who are better than you”. Follow blogs, social accounts, newsletters – anything that can keep you informed and inspire you during your search.

4. Use your spare time wisely

Volunteer work is a great way to spend your time during the job hunt. It will broaden your experience in a whole different field, even if it isn’t related to what you eventually want to do, and will give you experiences and skills that will be invaluable in all areas. Not only that, but it’ll fill you with a warm fuzzy feeling that reminds you that there is a world outside of your job hunting dungeon.

5. Give yourself a break

If it doesn’t happen straight away, don’t get down on yourself. Keep positive and give yourself a break every once in a while. Remind yourself of your achievements even if you’re not every companies’ cup of tea. Aimee gives great advice when she says that “when we are feeling negative it is even harder for us to produce anything positive, but please remember, your value does not decrease just because someone else fails to see it.” Well said, Aimee!

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