5 ways to juggle multiple part-time jobs effectively

Times are getting tough and despite the elevating economy, having multiple part-time jobs is the only way to make ends meet for many people. With apps specialising in this lifestyle, juggling multiple jobs might become more common than we realise.

The unforgiving nature of having more than one employment spot can be taxing on the body and mind so pay attention to these five tips and get closer to having an almost normal routine.

1. Perfect your power-napping abilities

If you work days and evenings, finding time for yourself and sleep is almost impossible. Having an irregular schedule can have it’s advantages but there’s no better way to keep your spirits peaking than a good night’s rest. When that isn’t an option, taking 30-90 minute power naps throughout the day might salvage your sanity.

2. Treat yourself

With extra hours comes extra dollar. Your second or third job will supply you with some handy cash for expendable purposes and since you’ll be pushing yourself harder than the average working stiff, you should let loose to a similar degree. Don’t hoard your cash because without financial catharsis you’ll grow to resent your routine.

3. Diversify your CV

Try and take jobs in multiple industries. If you’re spreading yourself across numerous positions, there’s nothing to be gained from doing the same thing twice. Having two contrasting jobs will break up the monotony of your schedule and boost your CV.

4. Embrace the chaos

There’s no doubt about it, having multiple jobs will set your routine into a whirlwind. The best advice to give is to not resist the madness and accept the lack of stability as another chapter in your career and one you cannot control at this point in time.

5. Set yourself a cut-off date

Whether it’s to move out of a grotty flat or to afford to move country – you accepted two positions for a reason. Set yourself a date or month to achieve this goal and move forward in your life and career.

What now?