5 ways to get hired that you would NEVER think of

The trick to getting hired is standing out from the crowd, but when you’re applying for a really popular job along with hundreds (or even thousands) of others, how do you get yourself noticed?

They say that fortune favours the bold, so take some inspiration from these cheeky job applicants and set yourself apart from everyone else.

Here are five crazy and creative ways to get your CV noticed.

1. Take out a Google ad
Alec Brownstein‘s Google ad targeted the names of advertising executives so that when they went to Google themselves (as everyone inevitably does), they saw his tailored ad and CV. One of the execs ended up hiring him, and Alec is now a creative director, à la Don Draper.

2. Imitate your employer’s website

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Ever wanted to work for a major social networking site like Pinterest? Jeanne Hwang wanted a job there so badly that she turned her CV into a Pinterest moodboard. Her approach showed she was seriously passionate about the company and that she knew their product inside and out. While she didn’t end up getting the job, she was snatched up by a Pinterest analytics company and has since gone on to a series of impressive marketing roles.

3. Create a hand-sewn CV


Image via Pinterest

Okay, so this one will only work in a job that would appreciate your crafting skills, like a fashion or design-related company. Melissa Washin sewed her CV onto a piece of fabric and got the first design job she applied to after graduating from uni. Her CV became so popular that she even made a tutorial on how to sew your own.

4. Make a video CV
Mark Leruste ended up getting his dream job at a men’s health charity after making this video.

5. Turn your CV into a Lego set

Image via Imgur

Image via Imgur

If you’re dying to get a job in the visual arts or graphic design, there’s no reason not to go all out with your creativity and show, rather than tell them about your talents. Leah Bowman packaged her CV as a customised Lego set, asking hiring managers to  “build the perfect account service intern”. Who could say no to that? Leah ended up getting an internship and later on a full-time job at an advertising agency.

By Reenat Sinay