5 ways to follow up after a networking event

So you’ve been to a networking event. You’re suited and booted. You met loads of interesting people. You picked up a ton of business cards. Now what?

Here are five super easy ways to follow up after a networking event. Cement your new relationships and you never know what you might get out of it.

1. Join up on LinkedIn

This might sound obvious but say when you add someone that you want to introduce them to other professionals in your own network. They could offer to do the same for you, which would be a great way for you to connect with even more potential future colleagues (fingers crossed).

2. Prepare something to say

Don’t just randomly email someone you met at the networking event. People are very busy, so you need to have something interesting to say to spark the conversation. Did the company they work for just launch a killer app or sign a cool partnership deal? Do some digging and find a good question you have or something you can inquire about.

3. Spark their memory 

When following up always make sure that you jog their memory as to who you are. They probably met loads of people at the networking event. When you speak to them reference anything specific that you talked about.

4. Arrange a meeting

Arranging a meeting or even scheduling in a quick phone call could be an amazing way for you to get some advice and some insight into their job and industry.

5. Follow up

Don’t worry if you don’t hear back straight away. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in talking to you. Send a polite reminder but don’t be too pushy or forceful. They are most likely just super busy!