5 ways to earn respect for yourself in the office

For many millennials, being the youngest in the office is a reality of working life, especially at this early stage in your professional life. 

Don’t let being the youngest set you back, but go into work with a positive and professional attitude that will secure your position as a valued team member. Here’s 5 ways you can earn the respect of your co-workers.

1. Be confident

Don’t be shy with your co-workers, and don’t hesitate to ask questions when you first start. Ask the basic questions early to avoid time-wasting later on.

More importantly, be confident in your ability and know why you’ve been selected for your role.

2. Be professional

Don’t get drawn into office gossip, because that reputation will stick. Even if others are engaging in a little chit chat about a co-worker, try to rise above it. Always be aware that what you say might get circulated, so keep it work-related.

3. Communicate well

This means communicating professionally, both in person and in emails. Keep messages short and succinct, and don’t spam your boss’s inbox. In person, keep your language professional and try to cut out any slang. This will give an impression of professionalism that will demonstrate to others that you will be able to conduct yourself properly with clients.

4. Be a problem-solver

Offer solutions to problems rather than focusing on the problem itself. If you are able to offer a solution independently, you will demonstrate your ability to work without guidance and will show yourself to be a practical thinker.

5. Be flexible

Adapt to your surroundings, so even if it’s a new environment or the company operates a little differently to your last employer, you demonstrate that you are able to adapt to new surroundings. Check out your colleagues for tips, even for something as simple as their working hours. Show that you can fit in well with the team and are an asset.

Now what?