5 ways to deal with MAJOR stress at work

Do you feel like you’re on the verge of a meltdown at work lately? Maybe your boss is on your case, or you’ve had to work longer hours. Perhaps you’ve taken on a heavier workload or have just had a really bad day. Whatever the source of your stress, taking some of the pressure off is easier than you think.

Work stress is no joke – a new study even found that it can be as unhealthy as secondhand cigarette smoke!

While we may never totally be able to eliminate stress in the workplace, there are lots of ways to manage it. Getting that work-life balance back is key to your health and happiness.

Here are four ways to deal with your stress and immediately improve your work life.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

This can be tough to do when you’re so anxious that your mind is already going through the next day’s schedule the second you rest your head on your pillow. But being well-rested is one of the best ways to take on the day with energy and confidence. Try these tricks to help you get all the beauty sleep you need.

2. Get moving

Okay, so exercise is something we always come back to, but that’s because it works! Take out any frustration or anxiety in the gym and enjoy that instant mood boost when you’re done.

3. Get creative

There’s a reason colouring books have become Amazon’s best sellers lately. Something about focusing on what you’re doing in the moment has a distinctly meditative quality. But doing any sort of creative project like painting, crafts or even DIY and cooking will soothe your nerves and calm you down.

4. Take back your lunch break

Stop eating lunch at your desk and go get some actual fresh air! It will do wonders for your stress levels and your productivity. Go for a stroll in the park, meet a friend for lunch or take a quick yoga class.

5. Learn to say “no”

We often feel obligated to say “yes” to everything for fear we won’t be liked, or won’t be given further opportunities. But being overworked and overcommitted is a recipe for disaster. The easiest way to relieve stress instantly is to know your boundaries and just say “no” when one more thing will literally push you over the edge. Be firm, but polite and explain that you’re overbooked and don’t want your other projects to suffer. Trust us, they’ll appreciate the fact that you know how to prioritise.

Now what?