5 ways to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit

Stuck in a dead end job that you hate but can’t afford to quit? You and hundreds of other people are. But don’t despair, there are ways to avoid bursting into tears at your desk every morning…

We’ve pulled together five first-rate ways to deal with a job you hate but can’t leave, and let us tell you, they really work!

1. What’s the problem?

First things first, time to pinpoint why you hate your job so much. Maybe you can rectify the situation?

If not, then figure out the good things and focus on them; and if you can’t even do that, at least you’ll now what to look out for when you inevitably end up on the job market further down the line.

2. It’s a test!

Thinking of your job as some kind of proving ground that’s preparing you for your next (dream) employment opportunity is a good way to get around the soul-crushing hopelessness of the situation.

You’re more likely to switch your emotions from sad to determined this way too. Trust us.

3. The one where you make loads of friends

If the work is what’s getting you down so much, then try and get really pally with your co-workers. You never know, it might be the job itself, in which case your colleagues probably feel exactly the same. So you’ll have something to talk about!

Find an excuse to invite some people to a dinner or birthday thing. It doesn’t matter what, just make ‘water-cooler time’ the best part of your day.

4. Remember you’re an individual

Your job does not define who you are, it’s just something you have to do to finance the other fun bits of your life. So don’t think that because work is such a chore that the other part of your existence is failing miserably too, because it so isn’t!

5. Just quit

If it’s that bad, just get out of there. If you can’t because of money issues, do it anyway! Beg, borrow and steal (don’t do the last one) and you’ll manage to get by for the short time until your next job comes up. We believe in you!

It is just not worth being miserable five days a week but managing to live comfortably, trust us.

Now what?