5 ways to become a real morning person

Can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning even to get to the office or uni on time? We know how you feel. But that can all change if you follow our advice. We promise.

Morning people are that rare breed that seem only to exist to remind you how lazy you are. But if you can’t beat them, it’s better to join them, right?

See if you can achieve the impossible by carrying out every one of our five ways to become a morning person. Coffee? Who needs it.

1. Get enough sleep (obvs)

The cast iron rule of the early bird. Seven to nine hours is medically recommended┬ábut loads of us aren’t getting this due to our hectic lifestyles.

The rest your body needs to function can only be gotten from proper sleep, actually zonking out for a good night, not just a few hours to recharge. SO don’t try and beat your body. You just won’t win.

>2. You snooze you lose

It’s time for the biggest break up of your life, you and the snooze button are never ever getting back together.

Instead of slapping the snoozer and nodding off for another pointless nine minutes of shallow sleep, just get out of bed! Maybe even try out the ‘inverted snooze’ technique where you do hit the button, but get out of bed instead. It gives you a chance to wake up before a quick warm coffee in bed, but no dozing off.

3. Power outage

Instead of zapping your brain into a frenzied overload each night before going to bed, do something that doesn’t digitize your brain into induced insomnia.

That means put the screens away and give your circadian rhythms a rest. Read a book, talk to your house mates or partner, anything!

4. Consistency is the key

Keeping to a strict sleeping schedule is paramount to making the most of those mornings.

This doesn’t mean bedtime is kept to by the minute everyday, just to the hour or so. You can still live a relaxed, non-regimented life, but sleeping two hours later on the weekend throws off your body clock and could put your sleeping pattern out of wack for the upcoming week.

>5. What’s your motivation?

Define your motive for getting out of bed early and you’ll be far more committed to the early morning cause. Maybe you want to be up early to get fit, or maybe it’s to get to work so you can clock off an hour before you normally do. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a reason good enough to nudge your head off the pillow when that alarm starts bleeping.