5 ways to process an excruciating hangover and get your work done

Even the best of us break the “no going out on a school night” rule occasionally. What follows six pints of lager and two or three (or four) shots of tequila is a hangover which, regardless of how old you are, is maybe the worst thing to happen to you since your last hangover.

If you type “Can you die from a” into Google, the number one search result is ‘hangover’ which is two spots ahead of ‘stroke’. This means that the general population is more concerned about dying from a dicky tummy and a headache than a life-threatening brain condition.

But on the real, it can sometimes feel like a hangover will kill you. But that doesn’t mean you can skip work. It’s an insult to everyone who has ever soldiered through a hazy day after a Halloween/St Patrick’s Day/Birthday. It doesn’t count as legitimate sickness because it’s self inflicted.

Here are five ways to survive a hangover and still manage to get work done.

1. Sneak a nap

Alcohol affects the quality of your sleep dramatically. Even if it felt like you passed out as soon as you got home and woke up on time, your sickness probably stems from your fatigue. Sneak off to the toilet for 30 minutes and have a sitting down nap. It’s probably for the best for your productivity.

2. Chuck up if you have to

The small trace of ethanol that’s residing in your stomach is fuel for the hangover fire and you need to get it out. If you feel like it’s going to happen anyway, it’s better sooner than later.

3. Embrace the lethargy

Don’t make yourself more tired by working crazy amounts in the morning. You’ll shake off the lethargy early afternoon so use the morning to do all the little things you actually have the energy to do.

4. Keep telling yourself that it will end

There is no real cure to a hangover except hope. Telling myself that within 12 hours the nightmare will be over has lifted me out of some truly dire and pitiful situations.

5. Eat, eat and eat

You’re going to be told by friends and co-workers and websites what the best thing to eat is for a hangover. There’s no way to be sure so your best bet is to eat all of it in vast quantities and hope for the best.