How To Get The Absolute Most Out Of Your Phone Battery

Starvation has been given a rebrand and it’s called running out of phone battery. Having charge on your little black rectangle has become as high a priority as staying hydrated and remembering to breathe when you eat. It’s the vital difference between being connected and not – something most people wouldn’t dare risk.

The thing is, phone batteries are pretty good nowadays. That might not be a popular statement but think about how much you use your phone. If they’re designed to a whole day and you spend most of the day looking at your phone, doesn’t that say more about your use of time than it does the phone’s battery?

Either way, we’re not here to judge your life choices, I’m here to give you five ways to make the most of your phone battery,

1. Auto-brightness

We all like to have our brightness up quite high in order to be able to see our screens most of the time. If the sun is blaring down but you want to save battery, try going inside or moving out the sun. Keep your brightness low and this will make dramatic changes to your battery life.

2. Bluetooth

Unless you drive to work or use speakers in the office, you probably don’t even need Bluetooth on your phone. Switch off the little icon, nothing will change for you and you’ll save about an hour extra phone battery,

3. Vibrate

I understand why you’d want to have vibrate on: it provides the alert of a ringtone with being obnoxious however it’s a lot more power intensive then a ringtone. The vibration motor rotates a small weight to make your whole phone shake.

4. Push emails

If you’re a young go-getter in a big city you need your emails yesterday, but this is terrible power behaviour. Your phone uses a whopping amount of battery constantly checking for incoming messages.

5. …Use it less?

Just a thought: if you keep running out of battery around five pm, use your phone less than the amount you are currently using it… it will probably work.