Five Ways To Avoid The Sunday Scaries

According to the most trusted source on the internet, Urban Dictionary, the Sunday Scaries can be described as [sic]: “The dreadful feeling on a Sunday after a long hard week of boozing. Regret, the shakes, having no money left in your wallet and spending the day hugging the porcelain throne are all common symptoms”.

The fear itself, I believe, is embedded in the way the employed view the weekend as sacred. Not so sacred that it can’t be squandered with profane evenings activities, but sacred enough to feel an existential dread when the prospect of work flitters into the mind.

Here are five ways to deal with the dreaded Sunday Scaries:

1. Get all your house-work done early

Providing you’re not too hungover, waking up early and making sure all your boring chores are done by 10/11am is the best way to make the most of the day. Don’t procrastinate because otherwise the boring stuff will consume the majority of your time!

2. Go exploring

Save your Netflix binges for a weekday when you’re too tired to do anything else. Going for a walk with a friend or hitting the gym will boost your serotonin levels and lower the anxiety of having to be back to the office in 16 hours and 15 minutes – not that anyone is counting.

3. Go off the grid

There’s nothing more stress-inducing than getting work emails on the weekend. In fact, it’s now illegal in France to send any work related messages during non-work hours. Unplug yourself for a few hours and feel the full benefit of a recharge.

4. Plan next week

Giving yourself something to look forward to in the week will not only make transitioning out of the weekend easier but it’ll make the week go a lot quicker.

5. Set the evening mood

Clear your relaxation space of anything that might remind you of work. Whether it’s documents or your laptop, get those devil-tokens out of yo’ space. Try and clear an hour before bedtime to just listening to music or meditating. A clear mind will mean a better night’s sleep and waking up in a better state of mind.