5 ways a gap year can actually boost your CV

It’s that time of year again when A-level results are in and emotions are all over the place. But before packing off to university on the way to your dream job, it’s only natural to crave a hard-earned break.

A gap year is great way to let loose after all those years of exams (and before the next few!), but it can also be a way to get ahead in the job market before you even get to uni. Just being exposed to other cultures is a major asset nowadays, and it’s easier than you think to blend travel and work experience.

So whether you’ve missed the grades you were hoping for, or you’ve had an adventure in mind all along, here are five ways to use a gap year to boost your CV.

1. Be a summer camp counsellor

Aside from living out your American summer camp movie fantasy and topping up your tan, working with kids looks great on a CV. Being a camp counsellor teaches you the time management, team building and interpersonal skills that are so highly valued by employers. Check out Camp America or Camp Counsellors USA for more information.

2. Volunteering

Want to prove to employers that you’re comfortable in different cultures, and also improve your leadership skills? Volunteering abroad is the perfect way to do this. Plus, what’s more rewarding than making a difference to people’s lives? While some programmes can be costly, there are still ways to help others while on a budget.

3. Study abroad

We’ve all heard that the world is becoming smaller and having a global outlook is key, but actually having learnt Japanese in Japan or Spanish in Argentina will set you miles apart from other applicants. It shows you’re independent and adaptable – a major asset for any employer.

4. Teach abroad

Teaching English gives you the chance to earn a bit of cash while you travel. You’ll meet some great kids AND develop those leadership skills so desired by employers. You’ll need a TEFL to teach abroad, but it’s something you can take around the world with you.

5. Blogging as a route to freelancing

If you want to flex your creative muscles, blogging is a great way to build a portfolio. Whether you focus on writing, making videos or photography, starting a blog on your gap year shows passion and dedication. Plus you’ll build crucial online relationships and learn practical skills like SEO.

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