5 things you NEED to update before heading out on the job hunt

You’ve been non-commitedly bookmarking the odd job listing as and when it strikes your fancy but you wouldn’t consider yourself having “started the job hunt”. Whether you’re looking for your first job or a new career direction, the chances are you need to update your online self to compliment your real self.

Getting back on the job market is like coming out of a long-term relationship. You’re so behind on common practice and overwhelmed with crippling loneliness. That’s why it’s so important to update your life and get noticed again!

1. Update your personal brand

You didn’t even realise you had a personal brand, did you? Well, you do, and it’s kind of important. What is the impression you give off as a potential worker? Do you have a 30 second elevator pitch prepared for anyone interested in networking with you? These are the things that build a “personal narrative” and a brand worth investing in.

2. Update your social networks

Internet stalking is a professional practice now so be prepared for the worst. Lock down your Facebook privacy like Fort Knox, keep your Tweets family-friendly and, for all that is holy, turn off ‘broadcast notifications’ on LinkedIn. The last thing you want your employer to see is you frantically changing your profile last minute to big yourself up.

3. Update your email signature

A subtle but effective way of making an impression is through your email signature. Think of it as the goodbye handshake that you can give online. It’s the last thing a potential employer will notice during email correspondence so keep it appropriate and stand-out.

4. Update your network

If you’re making a move to a different industry, take some time to reconnect with anyone who might be an ally later down the line. Empower these people to give you a few endorsements while you’re at it.

5. Update your mindset

A good attitude will take you further than all of these things combined. You might feel a bit beaten-down at the beginning but keep your chin up and trust that your dream job could be right around the corner.