5 things we’ve learnt about business from Game of Thrones

We’re all obsessed with Game of Thrones right now. But did you know watching it is actually giving you career and business advice?

Here we’re discussing what lessons we’ve learnt from the hit show and why it’s actually super educational for us to spend all hours binge-watching it!

1. Speak up. Always.

Take a leaf out of Tyrion Lannister’s book. He always, always speaks up. Even if people aren’t taking him seriously. When you’re starting a business this is a very important lesson to live by because you have to be persistent and focussed and not give up. If you’re thinking of starting a business, it’s even more important because people are even more likely to dissuade you at this stage. Keep going, you can do it!

2. Bad times can be good times

Ever heard that saying about how every cloud has a silver lining? Well we learn that from Littlefinger (Petyr). His favorite line is “Chaos is not a pit, but a ladder” and this applies so well to the world of business. Every down you face is actually a learning experience. Launching a start-up is not going to be easy, lets be real now but have you messed up? Oh well! The only way is up baby! Thanks Littlefinger!

3. Be nice to your colleagues and co-workers

Pretty much every Game Of Thrones character is a d*ckhead. Yep. There’s lots of stabbings, treachery, adultery (and that’s what makes us love the show) but basically everyone is really horrible to each other. The characters are only out for themselves. Apart from the lovely and beautiful Daenerys. She became a Khaleesi because of her kindness and that brought her money and success. She came to rule a burgeoning army and she became a truly formidable ruler.

Ned Stark also was a good ruler because he was a nice guy. He was a just ruler of the North and he always provided for his family. Well, until he was beheaded that is. But before then he was a great leader.

4. Don’t let anything hold you back

Varys also fought to make a successful career for himself when the odds were against him. He was born a slave, tortured by a sorcerer and cast out to die on the streets. But instead of dying he dedicated himself to building a network of spies, or “little birds” he met whilst stealing goods. This then served him really well, as you know.

Despite coming from a humble background, Littlefinger maneuvered his way to become master of coin, a top spot on the Small Council. He juggled debt and basically made himself look like a financial wizard. This taught us that you can do anything you put your mind to, and if in doubt fake it until you make it!

5. Don’t take out huge loans or owe people money

A Lannister, as we hear time and time again, “always pays his debts”. This is probs the most valuable lesson about business we’ve learnt from Game of Thrones. Racking up debts means that you won’t be maximising profit from your business which is ultimately what you will need to do to make it work.