5 things to know about creating a personal brand

‘Personal branding’ is a phrase that is thrown around a lot these days with reference to how you market yourself on the job market. You are no longer simply an applicant, but rather, you have to consider yourself as a product or a brand. Defining this product can enhance your profile and totally change how you apply for jobs, and knowing how to create a successful personal brand is crucial in today’s job market.

Since your employability now goes further than your CV and cover letter, your personal brand is the next step. Figure this out, and you can streamline your job searches by having a focused idea of your ‘brand’. We’ve got 5 things to consider when starting out with the definition of your ‘personal brand’

1. What?

Personal branding is rooted in defining both who you are and what you stand for. Figuring out who you are involves defining your values, your aims, your personality, and ultimately what drives you. From there you can define what you stand for – your experience, what you can bring to a position and company.

2. How?

This might all sound confusing, so the best place to start is with a few simple questions. Shortcuts include listing 3 adjectives that people would use to describe you, listing your top values, your passions, and the how, what and why you do what you do.

3. Resources

If you are an expert in a specific field, then starting a blog will make you the go-to source for people concerning that area. This will demonstrate not only your commitment to the work, but it will also act as an online portfolio of your experience. Sites such as WordPress are a great place to start your own website.

Don’t start a blog for the sake of it, but if you feel it will help you hone your skills and that you have something unique and insightful to say, then this is a perfect place to start!

4. Social

Social networking is easier than ever with the multitude of outlets available to us. Get clued up on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and so on to make sure you’re at an advantage. You can use social media as a continually updating CV. Most importantly, bullet-proof your social presence so that it is professional and work-friendly. If you have to, create separate, private accounts for friends and family.

5. Snaps

The profile photos you choose are an integral part of your personal brand, because it is the first thing anyone will see, and it will have an instant impact. Obvious errors would be a mirror selfie, something where you’re holding two bottles of wine with a straw in each, or a photo that is bad quality.

Go for an image that both shows your personality and demonstrates how you appear in a professional context. Keep the background simple, and your own look needs to convey your style whilst again also working in favour of presenting you in a professional light.

Now what?