5 things that actually hinder you rather than help

There’s certain qualities out there that we all admire and end up striving towards, and with so many tools out there within our reach now, it’s more easier than ever to aim to do so.

But what we think might be giving us a bit of a leg up and a motivational push for the time-being, could actually be doing more harm than good. Think you’re doing yourself a favour? Think again.

1. Saying yes to everything

You might think that by agreeing to everything and taking on every task that someone asks you to help out with, will make you a helpful and thoughtful person. And while your intentions might be good, by taking on too much you can lose focus and not be as productive as you could be while dealing with each task in hand. Know your limits and how much you can handle – whether that be work wise of plans in your social life.

2. Multitasking

We know that you want to get as much done at the same time, as possible. But when you multi-task, the problem is that you might not be as efficient as you might be as if you were focusing on one task at a time. Instead of multitasking, try prioritising a list of things you need to do instead.

3. Faking it before you make it

Sometimes putting no a smile and your best face on confidence when you really don’t feel like that, can do you a world of favours. But in the long run, carrying this on can be exhausting and even make you feel like a loss of identity. It’s the most simple rule in the world, but just be yourself!

4. Technology

We’ve got watches we can make calls on and phones that know our fingerprints – we’re living in the age of The Jetsons! But while technology and social media can make everything quicker and easier for us, they can also be a major distraction from our actual lives. Whether it’s a deadline at work, or while we’re out with friends – switch of your laptop and stop the hashtagging. Make sure you stop living your life online, so you can live your life offline.

5. Being a perfectionist

Too many times, whether in our personal or work lives, we won’t let go of something or consider it’s finished until we think it’s perfect. Working on something for too long though can make you lose sight of the goal of it, and also distract from other goals and aspects in your life or job. Remember, no-body’s perfect!

Now what?