6 things you should NEVER say at work if you want to be successful

The true path to success involves getting inside the minds of people who have already made it. 

Here are five things you’ll never hear successful people say at work. Give it a go!

1. They never make excuses

Successful people don’t say that they were late because of XYZ reasons or that they didn’t get their work done because the dog ate it. They are punctual, they only take on what they know they can get done and they plan everything out strategically.

2. They never say no

People who are successful at what they do are usually people who are up for anything. They like to take charge, push themselves and they are not afraid to take on a new challenge (or five).

3. They never moan about how much work they have

Professionals who are good at what they do never complain about how much work they have to do. They like their jobs so want to take on a lot and work really hard. The feeling of achievement when they complete a large amount of work is often what drives them to do more.

4. They never gossip about other people

Gossip belongs in the classroom, not the office. Successful people simply do not have the time to discuss the affairs of others; they are too busy achieving success. Gossiping achieves nothing, so resist the temptation and get back to work.

5. They never talk about themselves too much

Quietly confident people don’t feel the need to overshare. Successful people are good communicators and they know that the way to win over their colleagues is to show genuine interest in them and their lives. Being a good listener is really important to succeed.

6. They never complain about their company

Complaining about the system doesn’t make you look very professional. Successful people know that everyone will have issues with their company and how things are run, but going on about it won’t help. Instead they try to understand the system and bring about change the proper way.