5 things successful people do to start their day

Productivity in the morning is the holy grail of the workplace. We all know it exists, but few manage to catch more than a moment of it in between double espressos at 10am after a hectic commute.

But there’s always one isn’t there? That super productive colleague who can burn through tasks without a single Facebook-scroll worth of procrastination. We are jealous of these people. We want to be these people. And we know how you can.

That’s right, we’ve found out the five essential things successful people do right at the top of the morning that enables them to be ultra-productive. Too right we’re going to spill them. Read on friend.

1. Come with a plan

Checking your list of things to do (in the morning or the night before) and allocating what needs to get done by what time, and how important each task is, is the key to keeping your head above water.

Having a strategy also helps to set goals for the day, meaning you don’t get overwhelmed by a seemingly never-ending tide of work flooding over your desk.

2. Stay out of it

Drama does not do your nerves any good, and you are certain to find a few fire-cracker emails in your inbox that may test your temperament. Ignore them, trust us.

Passive aggressiveness comes with the territory as an office worker, and just as you get stressed, so do your colleagues. Wading into arguments (albeit professional ones) isn’t going to improve your productivity.

3. Meditation station

Lots of your most zen friends have a secret. They meditate in the morning. It’s true, lots of the most productive and calm people like to indulge in a quick meditation session before they begin the day.

Our cortisol levels, which control a proportion of our emotions are actually highest in the morning period. Meditation helps to reduce these rage inducing hormones.

4. Rush Hour 65,879

We’ve all done the morning commute at least a bazillion times, but leaving yourself enough time in the morning is not something we are all capable of. But try, please!

Getting up early and gliding round the flat in a relaxing manner is so much better for your mental state than an extra half an hour in bed. It also sets the tone for the rest of the day, which we’re sure will be your most productive yet.

5. Reflect, be happy

Okay so before you vomit from overindulgent niceties, think about it. Reflecting on how, actually, you have a lot to be grateful for in your life (trust us, if you don’t call Victoria Park home, you do) even if it’s just for five minutes, can have a profund effect on your productivity.

Suddenly things start to matter a bit less, and your ability to focus is hugely increased.

Now what?