5 stress busters you can do RIGHT NOW

Stress is pretty sh*t. Whether you’re struggling over your dissertation or feeling like an imposter in your job, you’re most likely feeling stressed right now.

As we’re so helpful, we’ve got some stress busters for you that you can actually do right this second. We want you to have a lovely stress-free day at work after all!

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

1. Get some ions

Ok so this is kind of scientific, but go with it. Ions are molecules that go into your blood stream and create serotonin – a mood stabiliser. These ions gain electrical charges from nature and this is why we feel amazing when we go hiking/walking by a lake etc. So basically going outside will give you ions which will make you feel calmer – simple.

2. Kiss someone

Kissing can reduce stress because the balancing hormone oxytocin is released into our bodies when we lock lips with someone. It’s a super fast way to feel instantly calmer. Did you need a better excuse to go and get with that hot colleague you’ve had your eye on? We didn’t think so.

3. Tidy mind

Is your desk looking like a bomb exploded near it? Is your room looking like a sale in Primark? Well tidying up can actually make you feel less stressed. Mess = anxiety, so take a moment to have a little sort out of your things and you’ll feel a whole lot better for it.

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

4. Force your brain to take a chill pill

Ok so this is an unusual stress buster – telling your mind to stop whirling. Saying “stop!” to your emotions isn’t as easy to do as it sounds, but it’s worth a try. Why? Well when you realise that your thoughts are spinning into a negative ball of panic, just hold up your hand and say “stop!” – you’ll be surprising because it actually does work. It jolts your processes and this shock to the system can help your brain balance and regain perspective.

5. Get cold

Stepping out into the cold without a jacket, or going and sticking your head in the office fridge, is proven to help your relax. Take some deep breaths and you’ll feel a lot cooler and more chilled – in mind and body!