5 step guide to a having a super successful morning

If you stare bleary-eyed in wonder at those morning people who glide around the office in a blaze of productivity pre-midday, then listen up, because we’ve got the secret to becoming one of these get-up-and-go superheroes.

All you need is this handy five step guide and you’ll be up and at ’em before the rest of the office have even poured their first coffee. You know it makes sense.

1. Morning routine

Our bodies are geared towards structure, and they bloody love it. So be nice and oblige with a strict daily routine that gets you out of bed at the same time every day, and fills your stomach with a healthy breakfast.

You want to be one of the productive people? Then get committed.

2. Get your priorities on point

If you don’t know what it is that you want to get done in the morning, then you’re hardly going to be able to get it done are you?

Successful morning people are great at figuring out an effective work plan during the AM, if you want to be in the productive club, you’d better follow suit.

3. The night before

Yesterday’s tasks should really be done yesterday, but often the world of work doesn’t flow as fluidly as that. So first things first in the morning, get any hangover work from the day before done pronto, and then move on to the new day’s impending workload…

4. Have a break, have a… second break?

As we’ve pointed out before, structure is your friend in the morning wilderness. This extends to breaks too though, all work and no play is no fun after all.

Make sure you give yourself structure breaks throughout the morning, and of course, at the same time each day. As we’ve said…

5. The early bird catches the worm

Get the important stuff done early! If there are emails that need sending, do them on the bus or while you eat your breakfast. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve already been eating away at the workload before you even get to the office, and will mean you’re out of first gear when the day hasn’t even started.

Now what?