5 skills you can learn on your phone that will transform your CV (trust us!)

Aren’t you SO glad you know all about photosynthesis and wow that algebra knowledge has come in handy SO many times in your life – or not. A recent survey found that 75 per cent of people would rather learn about more useful things during their education, such as computer coding, than things that they are actually taught. Real life skills that will actually help you in the workplace are now in demand.

Getting to grips with some new skills via an app on your phone is a quick and easy way to boost your CV. From grasping coding to learning a new language, here are five skills that you can teach yourself now and reap the rewards in your next job interview.

1. Coding

As Barack Obama said: “Don’t just play on your phone, programme it”. There are really good apps out there now which can teach you how to code – and it’s honestly not as difficult as it looks. So many companies are going digital now so if you can state that you have knowledge of coding, even a basic knowledge, it can set you apart from other candidates in the job application process.

2. A language

Learn a new language for free with this app. You get a language tutor who will get you up to speed quickly and then the app will test you to see how much you have learnt. Fewer people are learning languages nowadays so if you can speak another language or even have a basic understanding then it’s another string to your bow.

3. Trading

Yes believe it or not there’s an app for that. Shut that Candy Crush game down. Here is a better alternative game. Playing at trading with a virtual community really feels like recreation, but it’s actually beneficial because you are learning too.

4. Touch typing

We’re sure you are already a pretty speedy typer, but be able to prove it in a job interview and back up your CV. This app teaches you how to touch type and confirms when you are up to speed. So many jobs demand that you are a fast typer so this is the app for you. Practise a little every day and you’ll be able to type at a lightning speed in no time.

Now what?