Get yourself hired: 5 life skills top recruiters are looking out for

If you’ve been job hunting for ages, and #funemployment is starting to feel like anything but, then maybe your skill set is in need of an upgrade?

We’ve rounded up what top recruiters are looking for in 2016. So read up on these life skills you need, and get ahead of the game.

1. Fall in love with coding

Learning to code has become the hobby of the moment – even Karlie Kloss is on it. There’s no reason why you can’t get involved too. Code Academy is a great learning tool – plus, it’s free!

2. Five star communication

Bloomberg’s latest survey revealed that good communication skills were one of the most desirable, but least common, assets a graduate can have. So if you find it hard to work within a team effectively, or dazzle a board with your latest pitch, then get practicing.

3. Get camera-ready

With the advent of ‘video CVs’ and Skype conferences, we are being required to perform on camera more and more often. Online video content is an increasingly valuable way for companies to connect with their audience, so everyone now needs to be a face for the brand. Even you.

4. It’s all in the strategy

Again, this was one of Bloomberg‘s rarest skills to find. Strategic thinking means the ability to plan three steps ahead of the competition, to be able to predict how a market or trend might develop, and take advantage of it. If you know how to analyse an industry effectively, and show it in an interview, you’ll have the job in the bag.

5. Empathy goes a long way

In an increasingly connected world, businesses need to be able to connect emotionally with an audience constantly in tune with global news. If you can empathise with the same things that your customers do, then you can tune into their collective opinion too. And boost your sales strategy as a result. So don’t be afraid to show your softer side.

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