5 top insider secrets to creating a successful blog

It’s no secret now that blogs can grow into amazing businesses. Many have used to lead them on to even bigger opportunities.

Just think Zoella started her site back in 2009, and now six year later, she’s become one of the first YouTubers to be immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds. Yep. Pretty impressive.

So if you feel like you want to move into your very own space on the internet, there’s a few top secrets you need to know before you start thinking of your domain name.

1. Know your style

That goes for everything from the tone of your writing style to the look of your site. Are you going to be thorough or more light-hearted and funny? And are you going to fill your pages with illustrations, gifs or airy and light photos that you’ve taken yourself? Look at blogs you admire for inspiration, but don’t copy them. Once you know what feel you’re going for, stick to it not only for continuity but also a sense of professionalism. It’s good to try new things and branch out, but if you keep changing your style, you won’t seem like you have a clear idea of what your blog is about.

2. What’s your passion?

The reason why successful blogs are successful is because they’re committed and focus on something in particular – beauty, gaming, cooking. And the way to stay committed to your blog is to create content that you’re passionate about. Instead of thinking about what topics do well for others and are popular already, stick to what you know and love and the rest will follow.

3. Why do you want to blog?

Is it because you want to share your love and interests, or show off your inner Carrie Bradshaw that’s desperate to get out and put some words on paper? If so then great! But if you’re thinking you’ll start it because you fancy your bank account or Instagram social life looking like that of your favourite blogger then you might be doing it for the wrong reasons.

4. Be a social butterfly

The best way to get your blog and your brand to grow is to socialise with those in the same boat as you. Don’t think as other blogs as your competition – the great thing about the blogging community is that it’s welcoming and friendly. So whether it’s commenting on other’s new posts and joining in with Twitter conversations, or going to blogger events, make sure you get stuck in.

5. Stay true to yourself

It’s easy to lose sight of what you first set out for your blog to be when you hit a writer’s block of ideas. Turn to sites that you admire for a spark of inspiration, but don’t try to emulate them. Their content fits in with their brand and tone of their blog, and what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. Remember why you started your blog and reinforce that whenever you get stuck in a bit of a pickle.

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