5 reasons you should join a start-up straight out of University

In an increasingly competitive job market, there’s a scarcity of opportunities out there and more people than ever gunning for them. If you’re straight out of university or been looking to try something out-of-left-field for a while, it’s probably worth your time considering working for a start-up.

We’ll level with you, if you’re looking for a significant pay-bump (aren’t we all), start-ups might not be for you. However, the benefits of working on a product you genuinely believe could make a difference have a far greater value than a few extra pounds in your pocket.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider working for a start-up straight out of University.

1. Work with like-minded people

Jumping into a corporate environment the day after graduation can be daunting and discouraging at times. You’re surrounded by people who have been working at the same desks as long as you have been alive. Joining a start-up will act as a comfortable bridge as you will be surrounded by people similar to your age who welcome open-mindedness and understand if you’re shy initially.

2. Dedicate as much or as little as you want

Start-ups thrive with teamwork so any time you commit to the company is greatly appreciated when trying to get a product off the ground. Unlike more commercial environments, start-ups are usually very flexible with their employees so if you need to maintain a few days a week to make some regular money, your new start-up employers should accommodate that.

3. Get in on the ground floor

You never know what companies are going to go global. Have faith that if you believe in the product or site you’re working on, everyone else will. By virtue of putting in the work early, you could rise up the ranks and have an incredible position down the line. Every worldwide company started off as a few people in a room with a big idea – it’s worth remembering that.

4. Stretch your creativity with no holds barred

Three years of uni will teach you the importance of sharing your ideas and pushing your creative limits, however, not that your ideas won’t be valued, there isn’t as much room for workshopping and brainstorms in bigger companies. Start-ups are literally powered by creativity and revolutionary ideas so put your imaginative skills to good use and join a start-up already.

5. Looks amazing on your CV, especially if you succeed

There’s very little that’s as satisfying as working for a small company and being a part of it’s growth. When the time comes to move on to bigger, but not necessarily better, things, employers will be excited about seeing a name on your CV that one or two years ago, they’d never heard of.

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