The 5 reasons you NEED Google Keep in your life

Google Keep is the to-do list application that has long kept our lives from descending into absolute chaos. But for ages it hasn’t been available as an app for iOS. Well, today that’s all changed.

It’s been released on Google’s competitor Apple’s mobile systems as well as on its own Android operating system. And we really think all you iPhone users are going to want a piece of the action.

Here’s five reasons you need the new app in your life.

1. Organisation, of course

There is literally no tool out there as useful as Google Keep when it comes to sorting your life out. And we mean that. Quickly find notes, set time or location reminders and order to-do lists, all from the comfort of, well, anywhere you want.

2. Labels, labels everywhere

This is our favourite function by far, and probably says quite a lot about our own ‘Monica’ tendencies. Google Keep lets you filter all your notes, lists etc. by labels. So you’ll never experience the same mind-numbing pain of entering 10,000 different searches into your inbox looking for that one email.

3. Shareability

The app also lets you share to-do lists just like with Google Docs and Sheets. Have a long shopping list that you don’t want to carry out? Just share it with your flatmate who’s already in town. You know it makes sense.

4. It’s freeeeee

Enough said. Immediately beats all the £1.49 knock-off apps out there that aren’t even half as good as this life-saver.

5. Hey, good lookin’

The user interface is, quite frankly, gorgeous. It’s impossibly easy to use and the simple colour scheme has a strangely releaxing quality that you will definitely need when you’re doing the shopping after a long day at work.

Google Keep is free and available on iOS and Android