5 reasons why your hobbies make you better at your job

Whether it’s tennis you like to play in your spare time, or games on your iPhone, we all have hobbies that we enjoy. They help us chill and unwind, which we all need after a long day at work.

But your hobbies are actually making your more intelligent AND better at your job. Science has given us proof. Take a look at these five reasons why hobbies are good for you and your career.

1. Exercise makes you smarter. Fact.

A study found that molecules are produced in your brain when you exercise. These molecules are memory-boosting and improve mental capacity.

2. Games improve productivity

Games such as brain-training are mentally-stimulating, we all know that. But even games like Candy Crush can improve productivity and mental capacity because they stimulate the brain’s thought processes. You’ll be a better problem-solver in the office, just don’t get distracted by the addictive games! Leave them for your commute.

3. Playing a musical instrument is brain-boosting

Neuro-scientists have found that playing a music instrument increases a person’s problem-solving abilities, concentration levels and their memory for complex sequences of information.

4. If you’re learning a language there’s some good news

Bilingual people have more grey matter in their brains, according to scientific research. This basically means that they can store more information. A good example is that London taxi drivers have more gray matter in the spatial navigation areas of their brains.

5. Meditation boosts your health

Scientific research has shown that meditation helps to relieve anxiety, improve attention spans AND improve symptoms of depression. Wow!

Now what?