4 reasons why working too hard is bad for you

Is always being the last one in the office at the end of the day really such a good idea?

Being focussed and ambitious about your career is brilliant, but can be more detrimental to your personal life and health than you may realise, and here are some reasons why maybe you should lay off over-working yourself too much.

1. Quality wins over quantity

If you think that staying late after work and getting in early will make your boss think that you’re a hard worker, you may be wrong. While you may think you’re showing your dedication by putting in the hours, your employer may wonder why it’s taken you so long to finish a project or meet a deadline Always aim for quality of work, over quantity of work.

2. Productivity decreases the longer you work

Refusing to take a break could mean that you become less productive as well as the day goes on. Studies have shown that working long hours can affect the ability to learn and think over time, hence why you get paid for overtime work.

3. Earning money can become addictive

It’s an easy trap to fall into, but aiming to earn more and more money shouldn’t be the priority of your life, and shouldn’t come before actually living your life. If you’re part of a couple or family unit as well, it’s easy to think others depend on you, when really, they just want to spend quality time with you.

4. Don’t put your personal life second

Not letting yourself have time to yourself, whether you’re not eating proper meals or sleeping enough not only can make you less productive, but also be detrimental to your health and well-being. Everyone needs downtime and time to relax – even Winston Churchill himself supposedly took a nap every afternoon, while President Kennedy had lunch in bed and had a sleep afterwards.