5 reasons why people who love to travel succeed at work

Love travel? Then you’ll love this even more, because we’re talking about how travel can give you a boost in your career.

We’re checking out 5 reasons why people who love to travel are successful at work!

1. They get to refresh

Every trip gives them an opportunity to get out of the office and into a new environment. This offers the chance to have a fresh start each time they travel. After returning from a holiday, they will be ready for work and will have a new sense of enthusiasm after taking a chance to do something they love.

2. They’re open minded

Seeing and experiencing different cultures provides an understanding of others and a desire to understand the lives of others. Their experiences will help them to be open minded at work because seeing a different culture will give them a new perspective of the world.

3. They’re super organised

Organising a big trip takes a lot of time and commitment, and the ability to sort out all the logistics. This skill lends itself to an office environment because they will have no trouble co-ordinating work commitments having faced the challenge of organising a trip.

4. They have broad interests

A desire to travel demonstrates a passion for something outside of the workplace. Because planning and executing large trips takes a lot of commitment, they have to love travelling. This keen interest outside of work will enrich their work life because they pursue something totally unrelated to the office.

5. They’re great socialisers

They’ve had to fit in with a whole variety of people from all walks of life, which means that those who travel become adept at meeting new people. This translates easily to networking and fitting in well in any work culture.