5 reasons why a 5 hour working day will boost productivity

If the 9 to 5 grind is getting you down, and you suffer from a 4pm slump that no amount of coffee can rescue, then perhaps your working day is just a bit too long.

Stay with us on this one, but there are a lot of reasons why a shorter working day, say, 5 hours, is a lot more conducive to a productive working environment. Check out these 5 reasons why, and consider forwarding it to your boss (good luck with that).

1. Time to recharge

A 5 hour day at work means that you will have more time, either morning or night, to boost your energy and recover throughout the week. That means that you won’t be exhausted by Thursday. It provides the right amount of time to complete tasks and have a productive day, without pushing your limits.

2. Better focus

A shorter day will mean that there is less time for procrastination, so employees will come to work with a focused mind, knowing that they have 5 hours in which to complete tasks. There will be less opportunity for scrolling through Twitter to kill time at 4pm, and more emphasis on using the time that you have for work.

Because the working day is shorter, this gives employees more time for theirĀ home life, so that when they come to work, they are not distracted by external issues.

3. Better prioritising

The shorter day means that prioritisation is key to getting everything done. You can plan your day carefully and use your time wisely, because there is less of it. This will also ensure that you will take each task one at a time, rather than trying to do everything at once.

4. More decisions are made

The time crunch can have a positive impact on meetings, because there will be an emphasis on reaching conclusions and solving problems, rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. It provides a gentle pressure to the day thatĀ is conducive to a productive working environment.

5. Improved quality of work

Quality over quantity, and this can apply to a shorter working day. There may be less hours, but they can be productive, great hours, cutting out the hour or two that you might waste in a longer working day. Increased focus means that work will be given your full attention, so the quality of work you produce will be higher.