5 reasons why you might have abnormal fatigue

Are you tired like all the time? Even after a really good night’s sleep? Well you could be suffering from abnormal fatigue. 

Feeling totally shattered in the office or at uni is less than ideal. Here are 5 things you could be doing that are giving you abnormal fatigue and the solutions you need to correct them.

1. Stress

We’re all stressed but did you know that it could be making you really exhausted? Stress can actually manifest itself as extreme tiredness, so make sure you take some time off. Get some chill time in in the evenings. Try a mindfulness class or yoga. If all else fails, have a massive Netflix binge and stick pins in a voodoo doll of your boss.

Abnormal fatigue

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2. Your diet

Boring but true. Endless bags of crisps at your desk and burgers after work are making you more tired. Eating more healthily, exercising more and drinking lots of water will 100% make you feel more awake.

3. Anemia

You could be suffering from anemia without even realising. This is when your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to transport oxygen though your tissues. Try taking iron tablets or B-12 injections (ask your doctor) and you could start feeling a whole lot more energetic.

4. Depression

Did you know that depression is the most common mental health disorder in the country? If you’re feeling sad for long periods of time and have physical symptoms of your unhappiness, such as lack of sleeping, then you could have depression. It can be treated though with anti-depressants, counselling and stress management classes – make sure you go and seek some medical advice. Check out the NHS website for more info.

abnormal fatigue

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5. Sleep apnea

You’re probs thinking what on earth is sleep apnea. Well it’s actually quite common and is a sleep disorder caused by a person’s airways getting blocked off whilst they sleep, causing their oxygen levels to drop off. People can find themselves jerking awake because they are struggling to breathe. As a result people with this can feel lacking in energy and feeling short of breath. Is this happening to you? Check out the NHS website to find out.