5 realistic resolutions you can make for the New Year

December is the perfect month for reflection. Yes you’ve probably got loads to be thankful for, but what are you lacking in your life? Whether it’s a job that you love, an internship that will stimulate you, or more self-confidence in how you present yourself to the world, there are always things we are reaching for.

Here are 5 realistic resolutions you can make for yourself in the New Year. Take control of your life and you’ll be so happy that you did.

1. Get a job you love

At List for Life our motto is ‘do what you love’. Whether that’s vlogging, plumbing or nursing – if you want a career doing it, you can make it happen. Even if it’s a job you don’t think you’re qualified for just yet. Find out how you can reach your goals here.

2. Get some work experience under your belt

Getting some experience will boost your CV and make you far more employable. Which is probably stating the obvious, but sometimes it can be tricky to know how to go about getting internships. Check out the ultimate guide to work experience here. You’ll be strutting into a shiny office like Anne Hathaway after her Devil Wears Prada transformation in no time.

3. Get healthier 

With an abundance of mince pies, yule logs and roast potatoes just around the corner, make sure you read this nutritionist’s advice for staying healthy over the Christmas holidays. What she recommends will surprise you!

4. Dress yourself successful

Whether you have a job interview coming up, you’re starting a new job or you just want to change up your style – having an image overhaul can boost your confidence and actually be a tool for success. Give it a go now (what a great excuse to go shopping!)

5. Find a new positive mindset

Job hunting can be a long, hard slog. And it can feel totally demoralising. Remember to stay positive, you’ll find something soon. Don’t give up, whatever happens! Introducing a positive mindset into your life can make a big difference. Make sure you look on the bright side, think of the silver lining and think of the glass as being half full (all the clichés really), because, believe it or not, they’re right.

Now what?