5 quick and easy ways to get rid of headaches

Relieving that pounding throb in your brain when you’re at work and literally forced to stare at a screen – the worst thing for a headache – can prove quite a problem.

So don’t try it, right? Wrong.

There are loads of ways you can soothe a sore head while still working hard, you’ve just got to be sneaky about it. Here are five of the best.

1. Get some nuts

Almonds, to be precise. Gobbling down a handful of the sweet fellas could help alleviate your headache because they contain salicin, which is similar to aspirin.

2. Jaws

Nope, there’ll be no sudden shark attacks in this office. What you need instead is a quick jaw massage.

Lots of people clench their jaw when they’re stressed without realising, so give it a quick rub like so and be amazed by the results.

Make fists with both of your hands and massage the area with your knuckles just under your cheek bones.

3. Have a break, have a… quiet break?

Instead of munching down on a KitKat at your desk, find a quiet place (bench outside, staff kitchen or reception) and just chill out for ten minutes.

Your boss won’t get annoyed as workers are legally required to take some time off during the day. And you do a good job anyway, we’re sure.

4. Hydration station

This should be your first port of call. The biggest cause of headaches is being dehyrdrated, so the moment that pain comes calling grab a glass and head to the water fountain.

5. Stop skipping

Half the trouble with being so busy all the time is that we often skip or delay meals in order to get things done. This is no good.

Preventing your body from getting the nutrients it needs at the right times isn’t exactly going to leave it in tip top condition. So have breakfast before work (not half a sausage roll standing up on the tube) and eat lunch at one in the afternoon, not four.

Now what?